Текст: Tyler Carter - Georgia

Baby love, don't leave

Walked in the door, but he's all coked out
Lights down low and the music's loud
The radio's on, he's freaking out
Cause he doubled the dose two months ago
But she just found out

Even when I'm dreaming I can hear her screaming
She said that she's leaving, baby love don't leave
But I know she'll leave
In the middle of the night, she'll leave
By the morning light, she'll leave

In the morning I stole the love from ya
She said "In the morning I'll be on my way to Georgia"
Oh like a thief in the night, you've taken what's mine
Now it's cold by my side, it's cold by my side because
In the morning you'll be on your way to Georgia
Stole the love right from you

Everything we had is faded, love
The memories ain't good enough
To take my mind off what we lost
So I'm stuck here sipping these codeine cups

I feel like I'm dreaming
But I still can't find the meaning
It's like I'm barely breathing
And I'm begging you to stay

You've taken the love
You've taken the love that I crave
You've taken the love
You've taken the love that I crave from me
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